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Dip Dye Chairs

Huzzah! I accomplished something on a Sunday! I giveth you… dip dye chairs!


I really like this example (below), but for £395 I was all “SAY WHAAA?!” and set out to make my own. 


I wanted a more ecclectic look anyway, so I thrifted three different wood chairs from Goodwill ($11.27 total! Or £8.23 if you swing that way.) and painted them all to look slightly different, but still “dipped.” I thought about staining them all first so they’d start out as the same color, but then I remembered that I really wanted to catch up on Sherlock, so PASS. 

I used up some leftover white paint (primer included) we had from painting the trim in our bedroom and used electrical tape to mark off where I wanted my lines (I think it sticks to wood way better than painting tape does). Two coats and 1.5 hours later and TV TIME YEAAAH LET’S GETTA PIZZA!


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"Umbrella Dance" Original choreography by @kel4000. Filmed by @dahlager. (at The Anchor Fish & Chips)